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The future of business air travel is just around the corner, thanks to the development of Very Light Jets (VLJs), also known as "SUVs with wings". Thanks to these small, fast jets, travelers will be able to fly from point-to-point using the new Air-Taxi services available in select markets - to one of the many small, regional airports nearer their destination instead of having to deal with the delays and irritants inherent in the major airports such as early arrival for each flight, long lines, delays, and long layovers in the airport as one waits for a connecting flight. With the Air-Taxi service, a traveler goes to a small airport near his or her home, hops on a comfortable plane with no more than 4-6 other passengers, and flies directly to the destination city. And once the task has been accomplished there, they're able to come back on the same day, and be home in time for dinner.
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Linear Air
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