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Marquis Jet

Private Aviation: Marquis Jet cards, Citation V Ultra, Fractional Aircraft, Aircraft Charter & Air Taxi rentals and hire

Marquis JetMarquis Jet Card comes from the stable of NetJets; The largest fractional ownership programs in the world. Similarly, the Marquis Jet Card is the leading card jet card program commanding a healthy market share of over 50%.

By opting for the Marquis Jet Card program, you are provided with 25-hours of occupied flight time. You simply make a one-time payment to purchase a block of hours and gain exclusive access to the NetJet fleet of 650 aircrafts. Furthermore, you have the option of choosing a standard card or to go in for the 25-Hour Combination Card. By going in for a combination card, you can divide your occupied flight time between two types of aircraft. Currently the aircraft combination available are Citation Excel/ Hawker 400XP and Citation X Citation Excel. So if you choose the first combination, you can use Citation Excel for 12.5 hours and the Hawker 400XP for the remainder.

Flexibility: Traveling needs never remain constant. Marquis Jet Card provides you with the option of choosing an aircraft depending upon the distance of your destination, number of passengers etc. So, you get a choice between smaller aircrafts and larger aircrafts.

International exchangeability: Your personal life or business may require your presence in Europe. Marquis Jet Card allows you to choose between NetJets U.S. and NetJets Europe programs. So, you have the option of choosing between American and European fleets. If you opt for the intercontinental exchange program, your account will be debited with the prorated amount of hours used.

No additional charges: Holders of Marquis Jet Card are exempt from paying for waiting time, ground delays and standard aircraft positioning. In addition, if you are traveling within the NetJets primary service area, you are not charged for an empty leg or "deadheads". Similarly, you do not have to pay anything additional for crew fees, landing fees or air phone charges.

Value added benefits: Marquis Jet Card also showers its patrons with many value added benefits. Some of them include:

1) Mayo Clinic Executive Travel Response« program: This program allows you to access top notch medical care provided by Mayo clinic. Whether you are traveling on a NetJet aircraft or are positioned at your destination, medical care is just a phone call away.

2) Car Rental: Marquis Jet Card holders can now enjoy an access to various services provided by Avis including rental car upgrades, Marquis Jet corporate rate on all car rentals, free car delivery within 25 miles of a participating Avis location and a chance to become a preferred member in Avis Chairman's Club.

3) Ermenegildo Zegna: As a Marquis Jet Card holder, you get a $1,500 gift certificate off of a custom made-to-measure suit or jacket & trouser. In addition, you can indulge in other privileges including shopping at Zegna boutiques after hours and scheduling a personal visit by one of Zegna's master tailors to your home or office.

4) Chauffeur services by Savoya: All Marquis Jet Card holder are gifted with an option of spending four complimentary hours in a Savoya sedan anywhere in the United States.

The prices of Marquis Jet Card starts at $119,900 plus taxes and fees. And if you opt for the Citation V Ultra, then the card will be priced at $123,888.

Marquis Jet is a good option if for no other reason than being the market leader.

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