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Delta Air Elite

Private Aviation: Delta Air Elite cards, Flights, Fractional Aircraft, Aircraft Charter & Air Taxi rentals and hire

Delta Air EliteDelta AirElite Fleet Membership program is one of the three programs launched by Delta AirElite; the others being its Fleet Charter program and Fleet Management program. Delta AirElite began its operation of business jets in 1984 and since then has been slowly carving a niche for itself in the world of aviation.

Delta AirElite Fleet Membership is an extremely flexible by allowing it’s members to choose the number of hours as well as the aircraft category. Whether you are planning to travel for only 10 hours in a year or 50 hours per year, Delta AirElite makes sure that you have a wide range of options to choose from.

Occupied flight hours: Fleet Membership provides you an option of choosing occupied flight hours from a range of 10, 25, and 50 hours. So, you can choose a card that best meets your requirements.

Aircraft category: Depending upon the number of passengers and the average length of your journey, you have the choice to select from light, mid size or large aircrafts. For instance, if you are planning to fly 6 passengers and the nonstop range of your journey 1,800 nautical miles, then you can opt for a light category aircraft. You can of course also opt to fly a larger aircraft for this same flight which will offer more room.

Delta SkyMiles® Medallion® program: When you enroll for the Fleet Membership you also become eligible for the Delta SkyMiles® Medallion® program. Under this program, you will be given Silver, Gold, or Platinum Medallion status, which depends upon the occupied flight hours and the size of the jet chosen by you. The Delta SkyMiles® Medallion® program can be used for acquiring Delta Airline privileges including preferred seating and boarding, Crown Room Club discounts and special check-in privileges etc. The other plus point of this program is that you can transfer the medallion membership points to family members, friends and business associates. For instance, if you choose a block of 10 hours and a light jet, you will receive a Silver medallion membership, whereas if you opt for a mid –size jet, you will be rewarded with a Gold medallion membership.

Hour Compliments: New members of Fleet Membership can look forward to ‘Hour Compliments’. This allows you and your friend two additional hours of flight time, when each of you purchases a 25- or 50-Hour Fleet Memberships simultaneously. This automatically translates into an extra hour for each of you.

Efficiency Bonus: Patrons of Fleet Membership are eligible for the efficiency bonus for every round trip undertaken by them. Under this program, they are credited with 35% more flight time. So, if a 50-Hour Fleet Member makes a round trip between New York and Miami that uses six hours of occupied flight hours, his account will be debited with only 4.4 hours. This is because he will earn an efficiency bonus of 1.6 hours.

Membership Balance Assurance Fleet Membership offers its patrons the option of holding their membership balance in an escrow account at a major national bank. Depending upon the flight hours used by them, a proportionate amount, covering the expenses of the trip, will be transferred into the accounts of Delta AirElite.


Light Jets:

  1. Beechjet 400A
  2. Citation Bravo
  3. Citation CJ2
  4. Citation CJ3
  5. Citation Encore
  6. Citation II
  7. Citation V/Ultra
  8. Hawker 400XP
  9. Learjet 31A
  10. Learjet 35A
  11. Learjet 40

Mid-Size Jets:

  1. Citation Excel/XLS
  2. Citation III/VI/VII
  3. Citation Sovereign
  4. Citation X
  5. Falcon 50 Series
  6. Gulfstream G100/Astra SPX
  7. Hawker 700
  8. Hawker 800/XP
  9. Hawker 1000
  10. Learjet 60
  11. Learjet 45/XR
  12. Learjet 55

Large Jets:

  1. Challenger 300
  2. Challenger 600
  3. Challenger 601
  4. Challenger 604
  5. Embraer Legacy
  6. Falcon 900 Series
  7. Falcon 2000
  8. Global Express
  9. Gulfstream G200/Galaxy
  10. Gulfstream II
  11. Gulfstream III
  12. Gulfstream IV/SP/400/450
  13. Gulfstream V/SP/500/550

Delta AirElite certainly provides you with ample choice and privileges if you opt for their jet card program.

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