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Citation CJ1+

Itís the latest iteration of the aircraft that forever changed the way the marketplace looks at business-jet ownership. And it comes with more than a few important enhancements. Performance has been significantly improved. So has fuel efficiency. The avionics are more advanced. The interior, newly styled. All this and more is delivered at a price that makes it an even better value than the aircraft it replaces. Introducing the all-new, better-than-ever CJ1+. The CJ, originally created for the entrepreneurial owner-pilot, has evolved into an attractive, single-pilot-certified family of four thatís now winning the hearts and minds of non-pilots and corporation flight departments alike. Today, you can smoothly step your way up from the original CJ all the way to the new CJ4. And with a Pro Line 21 flight deck, standard in every CJ built today, youíll experience a lower learning curve every time you take one of those steps.

In just 27 minutes, powerful new engines propel the CJ1+ directly to 41,000 feet (12,497 m) Ė far above most weather. More speed, greater range and quicker climb on far less fuel.

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