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Citation CJ3+

CJs have always been so intuitive to operate that even veteran aviators are often reminded of why they fell in love with flying in the first place. No matter what you fly now, get ready to fall in love all over again. Today's CJ3 began with everything that made the series a phenomenal favorite, then took the concept higher, farther and faster than ever before. And in a big way. Prepare yourself for a larger aircraft, more powerful engines, longer wings, a more spacious interior, added standard features, and the category's most advanced flight deck, ever.

A longer cabin means more interior comfort. And with plush new seats, even long-legged journeys with long-legged passengers will seem like a short stretch.

Cessna engineers worked closely with Williams International to deliver more thrust in this latest iteration of the renowned FJ44-series powerplant. So you can fly farther, faster, on less fuel.

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