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Citation CJ2+

Pilot workload is reduced now that FADEC is standard. Maximum takeoff load has been increased. So has payload. The CJ2+ also climbs more quickly, cruises faster and ranges farther than its predecessor. Yet, remarkably, it uses less fuel. The CJ2+ also delivers enhanced passenger and pilot comfort and more advanced avionics. And it can take off and land on shorter runways, even in high-hot conditions. Yes, it's exhilarating to fly. But the CJ2+ is also the sensible, single-pilot-certified business jet for you and your business.

With a cabin 31 inches longer than the original CJ1, you can seat more people in the CJ2+. So go ahead, bring along the whole family. Or senior leadership team, for that matter.

The CJ2+ is certified to fly at 45,000 feet (13,716 m). You can also take advantage of favorable winds, so you’re more likely to fly above weather in a CJ2+ than the turboprop it typically replaces. And if the winds are in your favor, you will reach your destination that much sooner.

Climb to 45,000 feet (13,716 m) in just 28 minutes. Cruise at 418 knots (774 km/hr) and range 1,613 nautical miles (2,987 km). Considering this increased speed and range, the CJ2+ has most definitely earned the distinguishing plus sign in its name

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