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Citation XLS+

It's the newest chapter in one of business aviation's most phenomenal success stories. And it's absolutely magnificent. With the incomparable Citation XLS+, we've taken the world's best-selling business jet and made it even better. Among the enhancements are some of the industry's most desired avionics, full-authority digital engine controls (FADEC), an upgraded cockpit, wider passenger seats and a more streamlined profile. The XLS+ is your opportunity to do for your business what we did with the aircraft itself - take it swiftly and surely to the next level and beyond.

From the beginning, the Excel combined the comfort of a true midsize with the flying ease and efficiencies of a straight-wing aircraft. Today, that history-making fusion has been coupled with an array of new technology, including some of the world’s most advanced avionics. Through the introduction of the XLS+, a new category of business jet emerged….A category of one.

Its docile, straight-wing handling characteristics enable the XLS+ to take off and land at slower speeds on shorter runways. More airports become viable, many of which are much closer to your actual destinations.

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